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#11292 - 10/17/05 07:42 PM Re: Tsvangirai Exposed

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Loc: The Republic of Mthwakazi
Tswangson's undemocratic and dictactorship style is as bad as the National Executive's ill-conceived and bad democratic decision. This is a party in chaos led by a chaotic leadership that has no principles at all. As a result Mugabe is leading them in whatever direction he wants and they follow and he will ultimately destroy them.

#11293 - 10/17/05 10:39 PM Re: Tsvangirai Exposed
Maqhamehlezi Offline

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Tshangi is the one who said he exercised his veto powers thus in my second paragraph of my previous posting, I then said "If it is so" then Tshangi was doing his duties.I was just commenting on MDC as a party and its mickey mouse politicians.For what i know from reading their constitution for a YES vote to be passed as a success by their NEC there has to be a TWO THIRDS majority if not then that vote is a fail ,therefore on that vote on whether or not to take part in the Senate Elections the results was supposed to a NO since the YES vote did not win by a 2/3 majority .This exposes that all MDC players are out of touch with reality of their party.

#11294 - 10/19/05 07:17 AM Re: Tsvangirai Exposed
zimbabwe Dialogue Offline

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Is this Letter not a contradiction on the Part of the MDC and Its Leader?At what stage have they accepted the ZEC as a properly constituted Body?

Friday, October 14 2005
The Chairperson
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
Century House East
Cnr. N. Mandela Av/Angwa St

Dear Sir
Reference is made to the above subject.
This letter serves to inform your commission of the non-participation of the MDC in the upcoming senate elections.
You are advised of the official position of the MDC in the forthcoming, November 26, 2005, Senate elections.
The party shall not be participating in this senatorial election.
The party takes this position because political space remains closed up and a legal, institutional and administrative framework for elections in line with Sadc Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections is not in place.
Such a framework can only be said to be in place when there is universally acceptable levels of transparency and fairness in the electoral process.
I would like to reiterate that any other correspondence from this party is null and void
and therefore must be disregarded.
Any nomination paper countersigned by an individual purporting to be a duly authorised party official is forgery and must be completely dismissed.
I trust that I will receive your commission?s co-operation in this regard.

Yours faithfully,

Morgan Tsvangirai

#11295 - 10/19/05 09:32 AM Re: Tsvangirai Exposed
UShaka Ngiyamesaba Offline

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Thanks Gaselomhle.

Limqotho elokhuthi umogiza licinathunjana nanguphela esekhala ngokuthi i mdc council did steal the votes the zanu way. Kanti yena ngonjani ohlala edliwa kuphela nge rigging? Nxa engumaluza ngerigging its high time he did beat them in their own game.

Is he implying that MDC is capable of rigging?

Tshagilayi should "grow up" we are tired of his timid challenge the country is going down the drain.

Its high time we sought someone ozabisela isithunzi sethu, asihloniphe, njani eze umkhomomi ugeleze ubisi loluju.

O - o o Oh!! Lazelafa elihle wakhethu sikhangele!

Is mogiza for the masses or for bob?

#11296 - 10/19/05 11:01 AM Re: Tsvangirai Exposed
Sibambamahawu Offline

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By Violet Gonda
Last updated: 10/19/2005 04:28:51
ZIMBABWE'S opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai has alleged that the outcome of a ballot called by the party's national council which favoured participation in senatorial elections was achieved by "vote buying"

Tsvangirai also hit out at MPs who have joined the pro-senate lobby, calling them "selfish" and describing them as "purveyers of Zanu PF's agenda."

Tsvangirai said in the MDC's so-called Top 6, he had apposed taking the matter of participation to a vote but was forced into the decision by the other five members of the national executive.

?They had already prepared the votes, the ballots and they had bought a lot of people in the council,? Tsvangirai claimed in an interview broadcast on SW Radio Africa Tuesday night.

The MDC was thrown into chaos after Tsvangirai used his executive powers to veto a 33 to 31 vote by the party's national council in favour of taking part in senate elections set for
Tsvangirai said: ?I had advised people that it is a dangerous precedent to take a vote in the council and the outcome has proven me right? those who are propagating to go to the senate are selfish people who are only looking at their own self and are now introducing an ethnic agenda, which has never been part of the MDC philosophy at all.?
Asked about MDC Members of Parliament who are also supporting participation, Tsvangirai said there could only be one explanation, ?to undermine the MDC and to promote the Zanu PF agenda.?

He said the logical thing was to stay out of the senate and re-group.

Said Tsvangirai: "The party does not have money but people are finding money to dish out to individuals. And you ask yourself where is the money coming from? I am really concerned that this is not a division of principle. This is a division of opportunism and selfish interest.?

Tsvangirai denied any personal rift between himself and Secretary General Welshman Ncube. He said Professor Ncube has his own opinions but the party has a leader and hoped their individual opinions did not conflict with the fact that they have different roles.

Tsvangirai revealed he had a meeting with his deputy Gibson Sibanda, and would be meeting other senior leaders to try and bring calm to the party. He however reiterated that the MDC would not be represented at the senate.

?There may be individuals who may want to take up their own individual position as independents. I have written to the electoral commission. Anyone who wants to manipulate that position with the connivance of Zanu PF can go ahead, but they have one consequence,? railed Tsvangirai.

Critics had charged that if the MDC boycotts the senate then they should boycott parliament. Tsvangirai said the MDC would continue having MPs in parliament, even though they have always said the electoral system is fraudulent. He said as the debate continues the party may review their parliamentary participation.

?Political parties go through turbulences like this. But that does not mean the plane is crashing," said Tsvangirai.NEWZIMBAWE.Com


Madoda kusho ukuthi lento ebesihlala siyizwa ukuthi iMDC iletribalism ngaphakathi liqiniso, nangu loMorgan sekhuluma ngayo lapha.

#11297 - 10/19/05 11:24 AM Re: Tsvangirai Exposed
Ndukuyezizwe Offline

Registered: 05/21/03
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Loc: South Africa

Kudala abanye bethu sisitsho ukuthi into ye MDC akusiyo yangakithi ,abanye bethu bala,remember sike saba le ngxoxo labo abe MDC ukuthi why i constitution yabo ikhona nge si herehere lange silungu b,basiphendula bathi "they dont have Ndebele Interpreters"lisa khubula,the link they had to a ndebele constitution was pointing to a shona document.

Kasipheke nini eyangekhaya imbiza hatshi ukuthi sihambe sivula imbiza zabantu,laba ke bona bafelani?? Ndebeles Killed By MDC Members In Johannesburg

Ngisacele ezinye zengxoxo esaba lazo ku sibalukhulu,ngingazi thola ngizazi phanyeka .

Kasenzeni eyethu imbumba mthwakazi liyabona isikhathi siyasivumela

#11298 - 10/19/05 11:33 AM Re: Tsvangirai Exposed
Ndukuyezizwe Offline

Registered: 05/21/03
Posts: 20
Loc: South Africa
Another blast from the Past:

MDC Shonas At It Again

#11299 - 10/19/05 04:40 PM Re: Tsvangirai Exposed
matshetshe Offline

Registered: 09/16/05
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Loc: bulawayo
amandebele akumdc yiwo awafaka umogiza bethi bancenga ivothi labetshabi mina vele ngithikasihlubukeni kuyo yonke into elomtshabi phakathi sibancengani kanti ayisilo nje iphutha lika nkomo leli elenziwa yi mdc ukuzama ukuba lalokhu abakuthi yinational outlook national my foot eyethu ination icina amaqweqweni ngosebakwe okungaphetsheya akusi nation kimi kabaphume oncube labonyathi batshiye udaka olungu mogiza umuntu osuka aye eralini ewhite city athi ozangena ku senate yi sellout before he consults his party manje ivothi isimdlile uselamahloni isithutha setshabi uyazi vele kangazi ngangivotelani imbuzi eyisiwula kanje utheni abavalele endlini oncube labo nyathi abancenge kumbe abafobhe ngesibhakela bathi sebephuma phanndle sebebambene hatshi ukuzenza upopayi

#11300 - 10/19/05 04:42 PM Re: Tsvangirai Exposed
matshetshe Offline

Registered: 09/16/05
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Loc: bulawayo

#11301 - 10/19/05 08:54 PM Re: Tsvangirai Exposed
Ndabezitha Offline

Registered: 11/07/03
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Loc: T.O
U changirayi lo lishona njalo ungowe ZANU... uyahola inynga zonke e holise ngumgabe......

Ngabe uyaxotshwa ku MDC....

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