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#21088 - 09/12/05 01:33 PM Re: Mthwakazi you be the jury.
Mabila Offline

Registered: 05/14/04
Posts: 2124
Loc: Ayowa
I see nothing preposterous at all! You are familiar with the concept of "endorsements". Esintwini njalo imidlalo lemithimba "iyabusiswa" ngabadala?????

Credibility is not bestowed. It is earned. Barry is about to earn his.

#21089 - 09/12/05 01:36 PM Re: Mthwakazi you be the jury.
Sgero Offline

Registered: 05/31/04
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Loc: United Kingdom

Uvuka ngolaka and accuse abantu of being retrogressive forces simple because uvala your true intentions. We all know that noone is doing this for charity, you have to make a living lawe as a businessman/promoter/whatever. This is commendable. However, let not the name of Bosso be involved in murky waters.

Seeing that you pride yourself as calling a spade a spade, I will stick to that. When someone manipulates facts to suit himself, that person is called a LIAR. You had good intentions and personally I applaud you for the brilliant plan that you came up with to bring Bosso to UK and to help in the marketing and branding of iBosso. I have no problem with that. The issue that I want to take you to task on is your manipulation of facts in your discussion with Magonya. I do not have secondary information to that, I was there listen to you two speaking (as you were on speaker phone).

In actual fact you should be speaking better about the conversation you had rather than this absurd analysis of this whole thing. The man pointed to you out fundamental issues that you were supposed to look at such as the communnication (or lack of) between Zifa, PSL, Highlanders and you. He pointed out to you that as of Monday (Sept 5 which incidentally was the day you 2 spoke) Bosso was not even privy to what the whole tour was on about!!

One other scenario that you 2 talked about was the issue of what would happen to the name of iBosso if the game for whatever reasons didn't materialise. This is after you had boasted that people where driving all the way to Bradford Bulls to buy tickets. If the match doesn't take place, people are going to want their refunds from Bosso and this would jeopardise future planned ventures.

The analogy that he used of Soul Brothers was what it is, an analogy. He never at one point said you were involved in the debacle of the Soul Brothers recent show.

Whether it's Magonya, Gama or whoever you feel is against you, disregard them and continue with your endeavor, but what you need to be very very clear on is that you are dealing with an Mthwakazi institution and not a mickey mouse venture. Because of that, people will scrutunise whatever they feel is threatening the well being of this Mthwakazi institution.

It's good you have put in a lot of money into this event, but you forgot the fundamental issues on organising events. You took your communication system for granted and never had checks and balances for them. Take advice as this will make you a better person and a better businessman.

Lastly, the big question is, IS THE MATCH STILL ON?

The conversation only took place last week and if this is a well organised thing, then the conversation you had has no bearing to the success of the tour - simple because by then all should have had been finalised..

All we want, is iqiniso hayi to throw issues between lina labo Magonya and co. If you have differences, lisitshiye ngaphandle we don't want to know. Esingakufuniyo yikuthi sithathwe for granted over Bosso issues.

I sincerely hope for your sake and everyone, that this match succeeds.

#21090 - 09/12/05 02:01 PM Re: Mthwakazi you be the jury.
Bhudaza Offline

Registered: 11/09/02
Posts: 586
Loc: Byo, Mthwakazi

It is obvious that Barry has accepted that people will advise him and question where there is no clarity.

However, I can understand him becoming incensed when, as he says that Magonya and Liqhwa have:

1) written/phoned a website asking them to publish things that are untrue and which are only intended to discredit him!

2)phoned afrosounds and suggested the team is in danger of disbanding!

To me this definately falls outside the boundaries of acceptable supportive behaviour.

#21091 - 09/12/05 04:25 PM Re: Mthwakazi you be the jury.
Maqhamehlezi Offline

Registered: 08/05/03
Posts: 362
Loc: Emzini wezi-Nkonjane
Ma ungabhuntshiswa lomdlalo we Highlanders!

Mthwakazi kaMzilikazi Ka Mashobana!

Okunye bakwethu sekuyanyanyisa mpthu!(okwabonwa ngu Siphepheli).Umona ngowani mahlabebezulu?Ma ngilandela lendaba sekungathi kuzwakala iBosso ifana ne qembu lesikole.kanti yona leyo Bosso iyaqala na ukuyadlala ama friendly ngaphandle kwelizwe ,uma ingaqali ke kushukuthi phela onozakuzaku bayo iBosso kumele babekwazi izindlela zokulungiselela imidlalo ehlukile efana lale njalo nolwazi nokubona into embombayi uma kuliqembu elihleleke kahle hhayi lendaba abantu asebefuna ukubonakalisa iBosso njenge qembu elingazi lutho ngemthetho konye nendlela yokumaneja imicimbi yebhola nika-nobhutshuzwayo.

Bakwethu ubomi phansi,ma singabuyekanga ngiyasho ngalokhu ngithi isizwe sakithi siyabesesibhekwe yisambane njalo sidunuselwe yisalukazi impela.Ngisho njalo ngithi nembala nembala usathane unabo abanye abantwana besizwe sakwethu kusukela ekwehlulekeni ukubetha kahle ukuthi bacheme kuphi kwezopolitika kaMthwakazi besebeza njalo kwezemidlalo lutho ukuthi bachemephi--kodwa khona vele akumangazi loko ngoba nanse mandulo ngezikhathi zamakhosi akwethu bekukhona abegazi lethu abebehlamukela indlela zombuso konye nokubambezela impumelelo kodwa ke ngezikhathi zawo Shaka no Mzilikazi labobantu babesuswa kulomhlaba.

nginyanyile ngilana nje mpthu!

#21092 - 09/12/05 04:30 PM Re: Mthwakazi you be the jury.
sbali Offline

Registered: 07/30/02
Posts: 76
Loc: London, UK
UMDLALO USAKHONA NA ? Answer my ask please!

#21093 - 09/12/05 04:39 PM Re: Mthwakazi you be the jury.

Registered: 02/27/02
Posts: 632
Loc: The Republic of Mthwakazi
Madoda Umoya phansi mani. Barry should not be criticised but people should raise concerns on certain issues. It is the prerogative right of every Mthwakazi to raise concerns where something that involves our one and only institution gets murky!

It is very important how we raise those concerns or else we become destructive ngale indaba!

Barry should listen to the concerns raised and respond in a manner that will calm down peoples fears!

Those who raise these concers should also raise them in a more constructive ways!

If we start running to the media to raise our concerns, there is a likelihood that things ziyamemetheka njengomlilo!

Thina sifuna ibhola and wish uBarry the best! Moreso barry should make sure that whatever he does is not going to destroy our glorious institution. He seems a serious guy thus far and we wish everything goes well!

Those who have raised these concerns rightly or perceived wrongly by barry, they remain important concerns and they now need addressing!

#21094 - 09/12/05 04:49 PM Re: Mthwakazi you be the jury.
mqondobanzi magonya Offline

Registered: 08/22/03
Posts: 79
Loc: uk
BARRY you are a big disappointment and a liar


1)Why do you advertise that Highlanders is coming to play in the UK, yet the club has not been invited,
2)is it right for you to start selling the tickets before an agreement has been signed by all parties involved,
3)have you been cleared by the FA to have this game,
4)Zifa last communicated with Highlanders once in February when the other team was Dynamos, has ZIFA written to the club about this new arrangement,
5) considering that most of the people are of the mind that this game is being organised by Highlanders, who will refund them when this trip fails to take off bearing in mind that your first attempt failed in May and you had already sent out some fliers,
6)what measures have you put in place to safeguard and protect the name of the club and its interests in all this venture of yours,
7) considering that CAPS was not aware about this game until they read about it in the newspaper last week or so, do you think it is feasible to still hope this game will materialise taking into account the time factor,

All these questions got you angry and the next thing you did was to pick the phone and call the Chairman and make some kind of invitations. You are a coward!

You asked me why i sounded so conerned about Highlanders and my answer was simple,that i am a life memmber ,a member of the executive in the UK supporters association.


On the question of phoning that is your nonsense again. I spoke to Mduduzi Mathuthu and we discussed the game not that we wanted to undermine your efforts but that we want to see this trip succceding.

Barry dont discover ubuThwakazi ngoba usubona imali, didn,t you know that when you belonged to Zimbabwe Saints?

There has never been a fund raising activity in the UK! Yes Gama did advertise for the fund raising and we did all we could because we had been given a venue. The gentleman who had offered us the venue changed his mind last minute.

You allege that Gama has been collecting money that he has not accounted for, once again this is nonsense.


If the coming of Highlanders means the disbanding of the club, then to hell with Barry and his plan. AMashona have a grand plan and too many of their utensils are found within our kitchens. It is these utensils that call us names. We have withstood the test of time and THEY will never win. Babethi kayibulawe ngesikhathi beza lemaZulu but we resisted.

Barry why dont you tell the forum about the discussions that we had on Saturday night.


#21095 - 09/12/05 05:52 PM Re: Mthwakazi you be the jury.
barry Offline

Registered: 05/20/05
Posts: 71
Loc: peterborough
I have never belonged to Zimbabwe Saints. Yes, when Highlanders disbanded the under 12 team in the late 70s to start from under 14 I did play a couple of months for Saints juniors. It felt odd I must admit because everyone knew that I supported Highlanders.I quit and chose to hone my skills at Mzilikazi Youth centre instead.I was only 11 years old!

#21096 - 09/12/05 05:59 PM Re: Mthwakazi you be the jury.
Bhudaza Offline

Registered: 11/09/02
Posts: 586
Loc: Byo, Mthwakazi

Are you jealous of Barry's efforts because you are a "life memmber, a member of the executive in the UK supporters association" whose weak and half-hearted efforts are being overtaken by somebody else's? It looks like that to me.

#21097 - 09/12/05 08:11 PM Re: Mthwakazi you be the jury.
Sheik Mthembo Offline

Registered: 12/27/02
Posts: 629
Loc: The People's Republic of Mthwa...
Nampa abantu bejikelinana inyoka ngeHighlander! Kwenzenjani? Anywhere it seems battle lines have been drawn between Barry and Magonya. Magonya will win this battle if things go wrong for our team and would look back and say I told you so bantu bakithi!

Barry will win this battle if this game becomes a success and Highlanders reaps huge financial gain from it. He will be an instant hero and he will be able to come back to haunt his critics and accuse them of petty jelous and of making attempts to behave as if iHighlanders ngeyangakibo.

Thina abalandeli beHighlander siyalungiselela ukuya emdlalweni and we want to watch our team this coming weekend and we want success from this game.

Madoda reputations are on the line here! These off the fields squables will be won post the Bradford match this weekend, kumbe kuturn out ezabakhona eBradford.

That is where this off the battle will be won or lost!

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