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#2373 - 07/07/05 11:21 AM Lions and sheep
Mtshede Offline

Registered: 08/02/02
Posts: 632
Loc: London
A friend of mine in London, a wise and perceptive son of iSilo samabandla in a far country, once said to me that people who look at British people and see sheep should realize that beneath the wool there is a lion's mane and beneath the soft sheeplike voices there is a thunderous growl.

I believe that from today we will see more and more the emergence of the leonine reality of Great Britain as its people confront the realities of what was done to innocent commuters here, humans living human lives, by fanatics and homicidal maniacs.

Some of the dead will be from many other countries.

Let us mourn them all.

Somebody's husband, somebody's wife, somebody's son, somebody's daughter, somebody's mother, somebody's father, somebody's sister, somebody's brother, died today on the innocent road between breakfast and a farewell kiss at home and the first hour at work.

Sithi: lala ngoxolo.

May the earth rest lightly on your mortal remains and may God welcome you to Heaven.

Sithi: lisemazulwini.

I believe that from today the British will grow increasingly prepared to confront fanatics and homicidal maniacs across the globe.

A new wind is going to blow across the planet.

Please let us position ourselves to let this wind carry us and assist us in our journey.

We are after all lions ourselves, not sheep.

#2374 - 07/07/05 12:18 PM Re: Lions and sheep
Maqhamehlezi Offline

Registered: 08/05/03
Posts: 362
Loc: Emzini wezi-Nkonjane
What happenned today is a barbaric and insane act.I emphathise will the families affected direct or indirect.I am also worried as I have some relatives and friends who use the tube in London everyday and havent heard from some of them at the present moment.

#2375 - 07/07/05 01:14 PM Re: Lions and sheep
kaMjaji Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 329
Loc: ESkwakweni
It is indeed saddening that some people can perpetrate such barbaric acts just to gain unwarranted publicity. My sympathy goes to all those affected at this difficult moment

#2376 - 07/07/05 01:29 PM Re: Lions and sheep
Ndabezitha Offline

Registered: 11/07/03
Posts: 268
Loc: T.O
It is sad indeed......

Kanti wona amadelakufa( Arabs, Bin Laden's followers) azapetha ngani......

#2377 - 07/07/05 01:38 PM Re: Lions and sheep
Mabila Offline

Registered: 05/14/04
Posts: 2124
Loc: Ayowa
Makisani i register sibone bafowabo labo dade aba London based bantu. Langalezo qotho!

#2378 - 07/07/05 01:58 PM Re: Lions and sheep

Registered: 02/27/02
Posts: 632
Loc: The Republic of Mthwakazi
I am still struggling to get hold of my brother becoz amamobiles awavumi. I have been tyring a few friends of mine as well, eminent friends of mine abalapha abasebenzela eCentral but angikabatholi. I hope I will. This is a dispicable act of cowardice that should be condemned by all of us.

#2379 - 07/07/05 04:27 PM Re: Lions and sheep
umkabayi Offline

Registered: 06/04/05
Posts: 186
Loc: eNqameni
yey limiqotho lelo ka Mabila kumele sazi ukuthi izizikulwane zika Mthwakazi ziphephile kule ingozi.

#2380 - 07/07/05 04:38 PM Re: Lions and sheep
bunandi kill me Offline

Registered: 09/20/04
Posts: 805
Loc: ezintembeni

#2381 - 07/07/05 06:58 PM Re: Lions and sheep
S'gwagwagwa Offline

Registered: 01/31/04
Posts: 36
Loc: Zimbabwe
It is an outrage.....that must never never never achieve its ends.

#2382 - 07/07/05 06:58 PM Re: Lions and sheep
Ngxibongo enks Offline

Registered: 11/06/02
Posts: 81
Loc: Khonapha
What a cruel act???Am short of words to describe how terrible shattered am by such an insane act of human sacrifice in order to make a bold political statement.Some people indeed have no conscience at all.My condolences to all the affected families.

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