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#28529 - 07/19/05 10:40 PM Re: Treatment for HIV/AIDS
nomandebele Offline

Registered: 10/25/03
Posts: 149
Loc: uk
Uxolo kengiphendule. Doc , kuyangokuthi utshoni nge cure. Nxa usitsho for those not yet infected then yes. Ngoba if you truly follow the book uza abhusteyina kodwa bakithi iqiniso yikuthi nxa uvele wangena wagangxama ngesilevu hayi mina ngithi icure ongayithola echurch ngeyo kuphenduka uvume izono zakho ngxa ulazo. That way you have peace in your self and maybe ivindictiveness from those that are already infected is then none existant. This way the spread of ayida is curbed. Kodwa , kodwa heyi bakithi asizifundisenini ukungaphonguwela. LIna libona ingani ondlebe zikhanyilanga bengabe besifa nge AIDS bona bele cure ngi tsho! Let the truth be told , lumkhuhlane nxa uzakuba le cure izavela kibo ngoba phela jealous down bahlakaniphile laba bantu.Even though ingatholwa ngumuntu omnyama bayahle bagijime and patent the whole thing ingathi yibo. So ukuze umthwakazi usinde bakithi asingayenganani. Akula cure for AIDS or HIV.Amaphilisi akhona ayathoba kuphela

#28530 - 07/19/05 11:14 AM Re: Treatment for HIV/AIDS
Dokotela Offline

Registered: 05/11/04
Posts: 1304
Loc: Emkhathini
Yikuthi ngangizwe abantu besitsho njalo, ukuthi ingculazi iyelatshwa ngumoya oyongcwele. Kutsho ingaphi inkinga, njengoba sisithi evrything is posible with God, kodwa sibuye sithi ayelapheki ingculazi. Are we saying uNkulunkulu akalakho ukwelapha lesi sifo?

Ngihlezi ngila abantu abanengi kakhulu abale ngulazi, and abanye bakhona bayaya ensontweni bekhulekelwa ukuthi basile. Kungani abanye besila anbanye begasili? UNkulunkulu kakhethi muntu hantsho?

#28531 - 07/19/05 11:50 AM Re: Treatment for HIV/AIDS
bunandi kill me Offline

Registered: 09/20/04
Posts: 805
Loc: ezintembeni
those who dont get healed bayabe bengakholwa 100% bayabe bethikaza mbijana.


#28532 - 07/20/05 02:24 AM Re: Treatment for HIV/AIDS
ILembe Offline

Registered: 05/01/05
Posts: 282
Loc: Tjolotjo
uJesu esahamba lapha emhlabeni incwadi iyafakazi ukuthi wayesithi ukukholwa kwakho kukusindisile

kodwa abasindisa kulezinsuku bathi i loose you sebengama loose cannons, umngane wami wayeyefundela ukukhuluma ngendimi izinto ziyantshintsha kumele siguquke lazo, enye imbongi yathi ilitshe(njelele) lalo seliyifuna imali kodwa izwi lithi " I AM GOD, I CHANGETH NOT."

#28533 - 07/20/05 05:37 PM Re: Treatment for HIV/AIDS
Ngxibongo enks Offline

Registered: 11/06/02
Posts: 81
Loc: Khonapha
Mthwakazi omuhle mina ngilikholwa sibili kodwa eminye imisebenzi kamoya ongcwele iyasuka ingiphice.Mhlawumbe we are not meant to understand everything just like the disciples who had a chance to walk with the son of man never really understood everything.There are so many unanswered questions relating to faith and healing.I know one lady who claims to have been healed through the church but, the big question is 'Did she really have Aids or it was a case of mistaken diagnosis' For i really don't understand why she is the only one to have been healed in this manner out of so many people with this problem.At the same time, Msupa i would not like to suspect that the aids figures might have been somehow cooked.That will be the most stupid thing they ever did, and if they did its to their own peril,as they will be killing their own kith and kin through ignorance.Personally i don't think they could possible mess around with the drugs coz its quite simply too risky, so many years have gone by ever since billions of dollars were channeled into research and development of drugs to cure this disease aluba iqiniso selaphuma ukuthi they are messing around with the drugs.Phela kabalamfihlo eyangaphi lababantu.I stand to be corrected mahlabzulu uma ngingaqondisisi ngalinto.

#34317 - 07/05/07 10:23 AM Re: Treatment for HIV/AIDS [Re: Ngxibongo enks]
Gaselomhle Offline

Registered: 08/25/05
Posts: 517
Loc: Buqamama
Scientists produce promising AIDS drug

By Alfonce Mbizwo, Business Editor

SCIENTISTS at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) say they have made a breakthrough in producing a herbal cocktail that reduces HIV viral load in a patient?s bloodstream by up to 90 percent within two months of therapy, Chronicle can reveal.

The drug, called Gundamiti, has been developed from herbs after 14 years of research.
UZ scientists claim that it is potent enough to increase diseasefighting CD4 blood cells in the range 400to1500/ml in two months.
The herbal cocktail is currently being manufactured from the University of Zimbabwe but moves are under way to establish a factory to manufacture the drug on a large scale. Gundamiti is already being distributed in the country in capsule form.
?Gundamiti is a herbal remedy specifically designed to fight the effects of HIV in humans. It is made up of water extracts of three plants. These plants are in use as medicinal remedies,? said the lead researcher, Dr Peter Mashava of the Department of Science and Mathematics Education.
The Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Edwin Muguti, yesterday said the drug had proven that it could reduce the effects of HIV.
?We are aware of the claims that have been made regarding its potential. It is a herbal combination that has showed some promise in the treatment of some illnesses. It has antiretroviral properties and seems to improve the clinical life of some people,? said Dr Muguti.
He said the Government was not actively involved in the research but support organisations involved in the research.
?We have institutions and scientists that have been working on research projects with our support. With Gundamiti, we have researchers from the University of Zimbabwe and other institutions that are involved in this project. We did our own very preliminary investigation and were satisfied with the results. We informed the researchers that we are backing them.
?Research has been going on since the 1990s but we only started getting tangible results in November 2005,? said Dr Muguti.
Dr Mashava said so far the drug cannot completely cure AIDS but is very effective against opportunistic infections associated with HIV.
He claimed it has lowered the viral load in the range 5090 percent in two months. Studies have proven that the drug has no known side effects, with studies of both the liver and kidney functions being shown to be safe, he added.
?A person taking the medication would start showing improvement in the quality of life within one month. Opportunistic infections are drastically reduced with the increase of CD4s allowing the sufferer to enjoy a near normal life," said Dr Mashava.
The distribution of the drug has caused a storm with the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) saying it was not registered with them.
MCAZ DirectorGeneral Mr Maphios Dauramanzi last night told Chronicle that drug regulatory body had never heard of Gundamiti or that it was being distributed.
He said although Gundamiti is made from herbs,
the producers of the herbal cocktail would have to register it with the MCAZ.
?If they are claiming medicinal effects, they have to register it,? said Mr Dauramanzi.
Dr Mashava admitted that Gundamiti is not yet registered with the MCAZ but said the scientists were in the process of doing so.
?We can only register with them (MCAZ) when we have set up a manufacturing plant that meets the right standards,? he said.
Gundamiti has already been patented in all 16member states of the Africa Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO): Botswana, the Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
?We have patented the drug in ARIPO countries and also South Africa and we are making plans to manufacture it on a large scale,? said Dr Mashava.
A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a state to a patentee for a fixed period of time in exchange for a disclosure of an invention. The exclusive right granted to a patentee in most countries is the right to prevent or exclude others from making, using, selling, offering to sell or importing the invention.
Dr Mashava and his Zimbabwean commercial partner, African Business Linkages Holdings (ABLH), have formed a company called Gundamiti Pharmaceuticals (GP), registration number 4087/2006, to manufacture the drug.
ABHL is headquartered in Bulawayo and chaired by Mr Kwanele Hlabangana. Other board members of GP are Miss Leratang Monare, a South African national and Mr Albert Mashava.
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#34560 - 08/03/07 03:07 PM Re: Treatment for HIV/AIDS [Re: Gaselomhle]
Mhlabuhlangene Offline

Registered: 01/29/07
Posts: 36
Loc: South Africa.Johannesburg
Yeyi madoda lizasibulalisa ngemiti yamashona
umntwan`omqegu!Ihlahla lokuphephela!

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