Apparently some fool hardy mZioni unable to contain his sinfull antiques had his feathers ruffled by my expose of their evil practices and is on a trance galavanting and ranting threatening to put a stop to my " SPY " antics eZioni.

Well too late for that he forgets he is not God but a mere sinner in the flesh as I am. By Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ I fear non other but the Almighty Lord YHWH. So Zionis out there tell him he only aggravates his sinful heart he can huff and puff, There is only one Lord over all Christ the Righteous one now and forever. I am not moved.

I reserve the right and freedom to enter any building where they use the name of JESUS CHRIST.

Just be thankful the Lord has not suffered me to expose your names right here for all to see your depravity. Surely what have you done that I have never done. Im a worse off sinner than all you people put together thats why I preach Christ birth,death, resurrection unto eternal life for all the Chosen. So you are yet admonished spend more time in repentance than waste your time worrying and threatening me.

There would be no greater Joy and privilege for me to be killed for the name of JESUS CHRIST. So rather I delight if you put action where your mouth is and do according to your sinful heart. All the Glory belongs to God alone, after all I am only dust and ashes.

May the Good Lord fill my mouth with praises for his name in preaching the truth and exposing the filth and evil wherever it perpetuates.

There is only one God the true Elohim, no human apart from Christ can claim divinity.

God Willing I shall continue as he gives the increase.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALUTE CONTINUA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!