The first San political party has been launched at Upington in the Northern Cape. The Khoisan Aboriginal and Others Movement will contest next year?s general elections under the leadership of Rodney January.

The party said it had the support of over 1.5 million San people.

January said they have decided to contest next year?s election because they were disillusioned by current political events.

He said his party would fight poverty through the empowerment of the San people, and to provide them with free water, electricity and health care.

The red men have long been marginalised and manje sebeyavuka. I support their move and as someone who has Barolong blood flowing in their veins, ngithi kuhle lokho.

Tsoga Mosarwa, tsoga. ke Nako!
Impi iyoz'ilwe nini? Yithi umgoqo ovimb'esangweni!