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#41686 - 01/12/09 08:46 PM Re: Abetshabi bayaqhubeka ngenzondo!!! [Re: Mpho Ncube]
Muntongenakudla Offline

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Sipho, the bastards you impose the duty to safeguard lolo quqaba were, are & will remain a goon govt. They flagrantly abdicated their responsibility to protect uquqaba kudala. And leyonto ama deserters knew it - given the untenable situation in the army camps, bebulawa etc. Now in the backdrop of lolo khondolo lwe nhlekelele, by choosing to aimlessly roam the bushes of Matebeleland, instead of invading Mashonaland baphihlize imigodoyi, lawo mambuka were as dastardly as uM-g-a-k-l-a. They were & will always share the culpability for the massacres of innocent Matebeles. Now for you to invite me in 2009, to join iMAGGEM yakho & clamour for a commission of enquiry (via talk shows in UK) under the auspices of the same goon govt! Bru, get a life - leyo nto eniyi phokophele angeke ize yenzeke. What you need is a stick (not carrot) approach. You must mobilise izidlamlilo (insurgents) njenga manje, invade M-g-o's Mashona territory, nishaye kwasani - saguga, ngane, mqemane, konke - nibenze isilo sengubo! Then a commission of enquiry will happen - by the power of leyo ndluzula. Akukh' okunye!
uShamase wangempela!
Umqwashisi - impohlo engenankinga!
Igcokama likaNdonga.
Isishwapha sikaSomkhele.
Yangcol' into ngayintshinga - bayicosha abafokazana!
Futheka mnyekefuli.
Ngiwuphula ngamabomu umoya wakho - yilento ekubulalayo!

#41687 - 01/12/09 10:16 PM Re: Abetshabi bayaqhubeka ngenzondo!!! [Re: dingane]
mg_d Offline

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Loc: south africa
Dingane sawubona mfowethu mina ngisaphila,ngiyaxolisa bhudi iwasn`t implying ukuthi wena you are the who wrote this document it was aquestion of concern bro i`m sorry for that its only that i`was shocked even i`m still shocked i never thought ukuthi these dogs still want to kill us i think this is awakeup call for all the Mthwakazian people to get ready for the kill not only war kuthanyelwe sani ngitsho lo tshani lobu as long as kusesitshoneni indaba yoku joyina asupport group leyi nxa kunje ayisebenzi (MAGGEM) because these people will sitting down with the enemy drink nice coffee while people are suffering outside llakho okuyizinja lokhu kuyabe kubhizi kutrainer another gkulawundi kuzosibulala thina nje kufanele siyqedelele into eyaqalwq ngu mdala wethu siqhubeke la agcina khona angeke silinde ukutshona kwelanga ngoba asazi ukthi liyotshona kunjani akufiwe kade sisifa even now we are still dying.

#41692 - 01/13/09 12:46 PM Re: Abetshabi bayaqhubeka ngenzondo!!! [Re: mg_d]
sidindangandlela Offline

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Loc: south africa

Zanu-PF recovers vehicle from Ndlovu

Chronicle Reporter

ZANU-PF Bulawayo province has recovered a vehicle, which its former secretary for security, Mr Andrew Ndlovu, who is part of those working on the revival of Zapu was holding onto.
Zanu-PF officials who requested anonymity said they took the Mazda double cab from Mr Ndlovu because he was using the vehicle for Zapu programmes, yet it belonged to the ruling party.
The sources said the vehicle was taken away from Mr Ndlovu while he was having a meal at a restaurant along Masotsha Ndlovu Avenue on Wednesday.
?We took away the vehicle from Ndlovu on 7 January because he was abusing the party car. He had removed the Zanu-PF logos from the vehicle and imprinted Zapu statements. That shows that Ndlovu is no longer part of Zanu-PF, so why should he hold onto the property,? said the Zanu-PF official.
The ruling party cadres complained that the car was damaged and needed intensive repairs.
They, however said Zanu-PF would foot the bills to repair the car.
?The doors are no longer locking and some parts are being tied by wires but we are taking the car to a garage for service. The car was used in bad roads in the rural areas for a long time and that caused the damage,? said the official.
The Zanu-PF official said they were seeking to repossess a vehicle used by the provincial secretary for the commissariat, Cde Silas Dlomo, because he was boycotting meetings.
A letter has been written to him advising him to surrender the car.
Contacted for comment, Mr Ndlovu threatened that Zapu would recover the vehicles from Zanu-PF.
?Those cars belong to Zapu. We will make sure that we get the vehicles even if it means going to court. We divorced with Zanu-PF but we have the right to take some of the properties,? he said.
Mr Ndlovu said he bought spares for the car, including tyres.
Last month, former Zanu-PF Bulawayo Province chairman, Cde Macleod Tshawe, was embarrassed after being dispossessed of the party vehicle at a bottle store.
Cde Tshawe was forced to surrender the vehicle, a Toyota Hilux twin cab, to scores of Zanu-PF youths who accused him of championing the revival of Zapu.
The youths said they could not let Cde Tshawe ?abuse the car by attending to Zapu business when he resigned from Zanu-PF.?
Cde Tshawe first argued that he would surrender the vehicle to the Zanu-PF leadership including the Secretary for Transport Cde Sithokozile Mathuthu and Finance Secretary Cde David Karimanzira but bowed to pressure from the youths.
The revival of Zapu led by former Home Affairs Minister, Dr Dumiso Dabengwa began in November.

#41694 - 01/13/09 02:56 PM Re: Abetshabi bayaqhubeka ngenzondo!!! [Re: sidindangandlela]

Registered: 02/12/08
Posts: 360
Loc: UG
Some of the sponsors of DISSIDENTS are mentioned in this book. Dont forget that armoury was not largely available as the armies had been demobilised and disarmed. "THROUGH DARKNESS: A LIFE IN ZIM" by Judith Garfield Todd.

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#41729 - 01/15/09 06:04 PM Re: Abetshabi bayaqhubeka ngenzondo!!! [Re: Muntongenakudla]
omnyama Offline

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Loc: banana republic
In SA, abelungu in general benefited from Apartheid. It is no comfort to Blacks to tell them that "not all whites hate you", it's just a few goons. This is the mentality that Nkomo had, all the way from the incidents in camps during the war, to "pasi na ngomo" slogans, by ZANLA, to gukurahundi. Nkomo ignored these literally to his personal and his people's peril!
While it may be true that "imfene ngu Mgabe ngokwakhe and a few of his goons", this is hardly any comfort to the millions who are victims of these people. Shonas in general benefit from the policies of these people. They participate willingly. They are not innocent.
Read this!

While the credibility of such documents is hard to establish, the history of the suffering of the people of Matebeleland at the hands of people who habour similar sentiments as expressed in this document is recorded history!

There might be no Shona Grand Plan as such. It could have been the product of Rhodesian agents, as the document is displayed on their website. It is hard to tell!!!
Remember that when the CIO double agent(s) WOODS/CONJWAYO were released they confirmed that so called Super-ZAPU dissidents were SA agents. Woods bemoaned the dissapperance of the 6 tourists in Matebelaand in early 80's as due to overzealousness on the part of these agents(the government was seen as slow in implementing what the boers wished to see happen, hence the drastic step of murdering of international tourists!)
The army deseters who were hounded out or escaped to save their lives were few. They did not have sufficient motivation to "take the fight to Mashonaland" as you suggest. These were personal grivences which they could not take to any body. I personally know two, ex-ZIPRA who were totured. They left and came to Jo'burg. They did not become dissidents!


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