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#5887 - 02/18/05 03:24 PM Re: Jonathan Moyo
Mabila Offline

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#5888 - 02/18/05 05:30 PM Re: Jonathan Moyo
Potshoza Offline

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Well, what else do you expect from a turncoat?

#5889 - 02/18/05 06:41 PM Re: Jonathan Moyo

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Madoda labo mame bengingekho but I am back! And indeed bakwethu Jona has finally destroyed ZPF as the wise men of Mthwakazi predicted! Again Jona has made sure that John Landa Nkomo is in the right position to take over the reigns and be our next president! Usezikhafulile masinyani to try and salvage whatever little dignity he has left in him before bemkhafula! That is ZPF madoda!

#5890 - 02/18/05 10:29 PM Re: Jonathan Moyo
sthutha Offline

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Nothing will ever stop Professor Moyo from representing the people Tsholotsho whether his critics want it or not.Whether his latest decision will mean anything in future or not here is one man who has shown that he will not allow himself to be tossed by Zanu in any way.

Yi Zhuwane and I personally have no doubt that he will win and be a proper parliamentarian rather than be appointed to it only to be used and discarded.ZANU PF needs men who can stand up to it and they dont come any better than Professor Moyo.

#5891 - 02/19/05 02:44 PM Re: Jonathan Moyo
Siphepheli Offline

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Hk hk hk hk hk.

#5892 - 02/19/05 06:13 PM Re: Jonathan Moyo
joskeyi Offline

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If there is a man with grand master plan to destroy ZPF its mafikizolo.Having followed his moves and actions for a long time now Jona is about to slaughter the cock.Ngokubona kwami usesiya emaphethweleni ecebolakhe.Jona was said years back eseUZ 'if you cant beat them join them and work from within.'

#5893 - 02/20/05 09:08 AM Re: Jonathan Moyo
Sheik Mthembo Offline

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After the turncoat wins , he will be crossing the line back to ZPF.

#5894 - 02/20/05 10:06 AM Re: Jonathan Moyo
Madlenya Offline

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Mugabe drops Moyo from Cabinet
By Staff Reporters
Last updated: 02/20/2005 00:32:46
ZIMBABWE'S Information Minister Jonathan Moyo has been officially discharged from government, just a day after he filed papers to stand as an independent candidate in March's parliamentary elections.

A brief statement signed by President Robert Mugabe, and released on Saturday night, said Moyo had been expelled from the ruling Zanu PF party, the government, Cabinet and Parliament.

The same statement said all Moyo's benefits and privileges had been withdrawn "with immediate effect".

Political journalist Dumisani Muleya explained: "Moyo's decision to stand in Tsholotsho was not only a dangerous but also a reckless miscalculation. He has not only lost his political but also his social status. This now means all the laws that he helped to craft like AIPPA, POSA and the Broadcasting Services Act will now form common front against him. He ain't seen nothing yet."

Muleya told New that Moyo's choice would have been to stay in Zanu PF, as demonstrated by his vain statement issued to State media on Friday.

Moyo said in his statement: "I wish it known that my decision is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a statement of defiance of anyone or anything but fundamentally a principled expression of respect of the clear and present wishes of the people of Tsholotsho.

"There is a world of difference between defiance and pursuit of principle. President Mugabe has repeatedly said that the people have a right to choose their representatives and not have such representatives imposed on the people under what pretext.

"I have arrived at this decision after deep-seated soul-searching and having taken into full account all the elevant personal and national pros and cons of the matter."

Zanu PF recently announced that any member of its party who stands as an independent "automatically expels himself?? from the party.

Moyo who has been campaigning in Tsholotsho was prevented from standing there by Zanu PF when the party announced the seat had been reserved for a woman. This came after Moyo was accused of organising an indaba in Tsholotsho where it is alleged he plotted to prevent Joyce Mujuru's ascendence to the Vice Presidency.

Moyo, a former university lecturer, has in the past four years studiously built a support base in Matabeleland with regular cash donations and community investments.

Now that the man is down and out, is it not opportune time to re-asses the situation. A man already down on the ground needs no further pushing and kicking, he can not go down any further. I think if we can be coat-removers for a minute, and take off our coats of anger and re-asses the events surrounding the whole Moyo prostitution with Zanu pf might help.

Our intentions i think might not be to extend an olive branch to resuscitate his political career nor to nail him to the cross but to take a step back, and objectively as possible assess the events before, during and after his prostitution with Mugabe.

A big question that needs answers is "WHY WAS MOYO EXPELLED FROM ZANU PF?"
a) Was it because of his attempt to prevent Mujuru ascendence to the throne?
b) Was it because he was a thorn in ZAnu pf flesh and therefore posed a greater threat from within?
c) Was it because he had served the purpose which Zanu pf wanted him for?
d) Was it because of his incompetency or perceived defiance within the Zanu pf?
e)Besides of crafting the dranconian pieces of legislation, would we say that Moyo helped Zanu pf's fortunes or has he tarnished its image?
f) Whose image has been tarnished, is it Zanu pf's or Moyo's?
g) Who stands a greater or better chance of resuscitating the tarnished image, or who can be in a better position of shifting the blame onto the other successfully?
h) Is zanu pf today stronger or weaker as a result of courting Moyo?
i) Is Moyo in a better position now of fighting Zanu than before?

Is it all of the above or none of the above?

#5895 - 02/20/05 12:39 PM Re: Jonathan Moyo
Mabila Offline

Registered: 05/14/04
Posts: 2124
Loc: Ayowa
Keqe uthango uMoyo angene igusu.........He is nolonger safe! He should weigh his options from outside the Zimbabwe border! Iphakiwe li mfumba Mthwakazi!

#5896 - 02/20/05 01:47 PM Re: Jonathan Moyo
ndumelihle Offline

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Of note is the brief statement from Mugabe and the uncharacteristic quite from other ZPF heavy weights. I do not know whether ZPF is weaker or stronger now because of Jonah but I suppose a constillation of factors might be the answer.ZPF's fortunes appear to have changed for the better once Jonah joined the gravy train. He is certainly having an impact in Mat North(something that the once powerful Zapu politicians from the region cannot manage).He is able to use his Tsholotsho origins to perfection as can be deduced from attempts by the impressionable Chief Tategulu et al to plead on his behalf about his candidancy. His goal is to wrest Matebeleland from the opposition . Mugabe has dilly dallied with expelling him from ZPF because he knows that Jonah would have succeeded in their project of bringing back into the fold Matland. However ZPF stands confused and witless about the next course of action.Jonah will win Tsholotsho and hopes that the likes of the delinquent Charles Mpofu etc also win. I bet if this happens ZPF will be the winner and Jonah will be more powerful.A very powerful Jonah will be too difficult to handle for anyone. Mthwakazi remember that at some stage during the Nkomo days people would report of his magical powers i.e Kuthiwa amabhunu athi edubula uNkomo besithi bamtshayile bathola kulibhatshi. People were kept guessing about Nkomo's next move. At the end of the day when he made an unholy alliance with ZPF, people did not question. The vacuum left by Nkomo has been difficult to fill. Enter Jonah he wants to fill this vacuum. He will do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. Does Mthwakazi need such a charismatic leader, one who is like a chameleon to deliver them from the evil ZPF empire.Jonah keeps everyone guessing about his next move. It suits him to keep everyone guessing. If he succeeds in Tsholotsho and the opposition perform poorly in the elections generally Jonah will return to ZPF(remember Mayor Lawrence Mudehwe from UMTALI), However if the opposition performed better than last time he can easily embrace them. I believe that Mthwakazi has individuals that can lead us effectively.

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