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On Diaspora Diaries Alex Bell takes a closer look at the Mthwakazi People?s Convention (MPC), as a political and liberation movement. Alex is joined by the National Secretary and Director of International Relations for the MPC, Edwards Ngwana Maseko, who further explains why the MPC wants the Mthwakazi region to be recognised as a state separate from Zimbabwe. Maseko explains that Mthwakazi could be more prosperous than Zimbabwe if it were able to control its own economy and education systems, and argues that the Mthwakazi people are denied opportunities because of their cultural heritage. Hear the discussion on Diaspora Diaries.

Available on click on PC archives then on Diaspora diaries 14 October 2008

Alex Bell: Hello again from me Alex Bell and welcome to this week?s edition of Diaspora Diaries. Now two weeks ago I was joined by representatives of the Mthwakazi People?s Convention ? a new political movement that is possibly going to make stirs in Zimbabwe?s political realm. Today I am joined by Edwards Ngwana Maseko who is the Director of International Relations and National Secretary for the MPC, to tell us a little bit more about the party.

Now Mr. Maseko maybe I can start by asking what you think of the current political atmosphere and the impasse that has been reached in cabinet talks between ZANU PF and the MDC at this current time?

Edwards Maseko: Oh ok. Yes, first I will explain it from the position of MPC. MPC has taken a position that we will only mention Zimbabwe in as far as how we can divorce from Zimbabwe. So the political situation that is happing, for us is a look and see. Because as far as MPC is concerned our state is already divided. Mthwakazi exists as a state on its own, neglected for all these years by the government of Zimbabwe. So we are saying that any political wrestling that is happening in Zimbabwe has not bearing on us. We only mention it because we are still going to negotiate with anyone who will rule Zimbabwe, since they are our neighbours. We are not really worried about how they wrestle themselves with the power hunger they have. Because all they talk about is power sharing, power this power that. They neglect the real grass roots requirements and interest of the people.

AB: But are there not concerns then that the situation being what it is, especially if we look at how the Mthwakazi people have been treated under the Robert Mugabe regime and not recognised, that the political tensions will still have an affect on the MPC?

EM: Of course. What we noticed is that the effect it has is that people back home still have the fear of the government and rightfully so. So when it comes to us talking about Mthwakazi we get more advice and feedback from people back home. The advice and feedback we get from home is that there is still that element of intimidation, that element of hunting down anyone who talks about their freedom which is a right. And so for that reason the situation back home is one that deviates the attention of the world from the real things that are happening in Mthwakazi as far as the government of Zimbabwe is concerned ? to people thinking that there is squabble between MDC and ZANU. So the real matter in Mthwakazi which is our freedom and the ability for us to develop ourselves is being overlooked by the international world focusing on the squabble which for us is just a quasi squabble ? they?re just fighting for power. So that is how its affects our region.

AB: So will the MPC not be contesting the actual positions of power that MDC and ZANU PF are fighting over?

EM: Are you saying that the MPC is competing with MDC and ZANU for the void in Mthwakazi?

AB: Yes.

EM: No. we are not at all. Because our citizens are saying? there is one thing I need to elaborate on. Some people think MPC just started off in the Diaspora which is a wrong notion. I come from Mthwakazi; I was born in Plum Tree which is a small town in Mthwakazi. And I suffered the same consequences that every body in Mthwakazi suffered, so we are actually a people that identified with a nation that Mzilikazi left for us. And then after independence of Zimbabwe the leadership then tried to belong also to Zimbabwe ? that is the leadership of the people coming from our region. But unfortunately the government and people from Zimbabwe did not accept us. So now what they are doing is that everyone is trying to take advantage of the unity that the people of Mthwakazi have. Because if you look at it honestly, the people in Mashonaland can form as many political parties as they wish. But the people of Mthwakazi have one thing ? this is commonality and this is the strength they are trying to utilise. So when ZANU thought they want to keep themselves in power in the rest of the country, they realised their strength would lie in the strength of the people of Mthwakazi, because the people of Mthwakazi tend to speak the same thing and act together. MDC took that advantage also and thought ?Aaah, if I?m going to fight ZANU, if I can win the hearts of the people of Mthwakazi, then I already have a large following behind me?. So we are not actually competing, we are withdrawing from them. The strength they have been abusing. Our strength we were trying to give them but they have not accepted us. They only wanted our strength to humiliate and abuse our strength.

AB: Now the MPC as a political movement for Mthwakazi ? the people in Mthwakazi, how will they then be affected and how will this benefit them compared to their neighbour Zimbabwe?

EM: Now how this will benefit our people is that currently we are denied proper education, we are denied access to the wealth of the country, but Mthwakazi also has a large product that it produces into the country. But if you got to Victoria Falls ? it is in Mthwakazi. It is a large income of foreign currency, but all that money is used to develop Harare. And then you go to the game reserves. Tourists come and watch these animals that are rare, when they come and see them in the wild, they come to Mthwakazi. That?s a foreign currency generating project. All that money is used to develop Harare. At the end of the day, what we are saying is that if that money could be used to develop those same areas, the people of Victoria Falls must bee seen to be having good houses, good education, good hospitals. But what do you see when you go to Victoria Falls? Shacks made of grass, plastic paper and corrugated tin. And do call that development? And then you go and see what Harare is like. So we will benefit a lot if we are allowed to control our own economy. We will benefit a lot if our children are taught?right now they are destroying the education system in Mthwakazi. A child is moulded from the time they are very young. I am proud of my mother tongue ? Ndebele. But if they bring a Shona speaking teacher, not that I hate the Shonas, but I don?t want them to subjugate me. So at the end of the day you are spoiling my language, you are destroying my culture and you are actually spiting me. You have no respect for my culture; you have no respect for my language.

AB: So really then, a main part of the MPC then is to get Mthwakazi as a really individually recognised state?

EM: Yes. Mthwakazi has existed before colonialism, when Mzilikazi carved that land. And historically there are people who like to distort thing for their own benefit. Africa has been made up of migrating tribes, due to war, drought and different things. So there were those, the same people who are in what we call Zimbabwe today, north of Mthwakazi, they tend that land by subjugating the other tribes that they had there. But the difference is that the people have been destroying Mzilikazi?s move northwards to build Mthwakazi. Mzilikazi when he met Mambo Tombale who was the ruler of the Kalanga people in that region, he did not fight those people. You go back to your history books and find out; historians will tell you. Mambo Tombale said ?Protect me from these invaders,? he meant the people of Zimbabwe, he meant the Kolono people of Zambia. And Mzilikazi and Mambo, we even have songs; they ruled that country together until Mambo died. And when Mambo was on his dying bed he told Mzilikazi that there can be no two kings. ?So you remain as the king and protect my children.? But people want to distort and say Mzilikazi took the land of the Shona. That Mthwakazi we know it to have been occupied by the Batwa people, the Tonga people, the Kalanga people ? who today are the majority of the Mthwakazi people. I myself have got Kalanga blood.

AB: Now Mr. Maseko, this is probably going to sound like a difficult question. But given the political situation, I know you?ve said you?re trying to remove yourself away from the political situation in Zimbabwe at the moment. But given the situation being what it is: the formation of the MPC at this time and having it recognised as a political movement given the political situation in Zimbabwe, does it not seem like this is really going to interfere with the groups aims at separating Mthwakazi as a separate region at this point in time?

EM: No it won?t. Because it is inside the people. This has always been inside the people. The people, even in the 1970s when radio stations were started for the African people in Rhodesia, the people of Matabeleland and the Midlands started a radio station called ?Mthwakaz?. That means this Mthwakazi thing is still inside the people. They are saying we are a nation on our own. So if an idea is inside the people it will never die. It will always be there. We are not worried what the Zimbabwe people are thinking. It?s easier for us because if we live under their subjugation, then generations coming after us might talk a different language than the one we are talking right now. But our generation is saying, we are proposing a velvet divorce. Let?s look at how the British came up and combined two nations into one for their own benefit. But after independence the nation of Zimbabwe clearly showed us that those two nations are existent as two nations because they tried to destroy us but they failed. So it is within us that we are Mthwakazi and we are not worried about what obstacles are ahead of us. What we want is to revive Mthwakazi and rebuild our nation where there will be dignity for our people.

AB: And is there support for the movement so far?

EM: Oh yes. The movement is supported mostly inside the country. We also come from inside the country. We know the weakness of operating a political movement as this one from inside Mthwakazi. ZANU is not going to rest - it will try to destroy us. You know that in any organisation or society there are those who will be attacked by the enemy at night and be given a choice between a stick and a bag of money. They?ll be told that ?you either tell us who the leadership is and get this money and enjoy it or we?ll destroy you if you are adamant.? So that way, our organisation will be weak. But our people inside, that is why I also left the country. I left the country for that reason so that I could strengthen Mthwakazi from outside. All liberation movements have been stronger coming from outside. When ZAPU fought for Zimbabwe, they became stronger when the leadership left Zimbabwe and fought from outside. When ZANU itself wanted liberation they left the country and fought from outside. Otherwise everybody would just rot in jail, if we stay inside there, and we won?t achieve what we want.

AB: And what about international support Mr. Maseko? Is that going to be necessary for the success?

EM: Yes, it?s going to be necessary because Mthwakazi has existed before as a body recognised by other international societies. For one, the British Crown was one of the first societies to recognise Mthwakazi. We know the importance of international relationships and we want to revive those international relationships. And we believe that our strength of international relations should start with England. Because England is the one that we believe was one of our, even though it was under different circumstances, it was one of the countries that had relations with Mthwakazi.

AB: And do you think that under the leadership of MPC that Mthwakazi as a region will be more prosperous and more successful than Zimbabwe?

EM: Right. That one I?ve always heard people talking, our own people, the Mthwakazi people, because they are denied opportunities. If you go to Mthwakazi today, you?ll find that in most top leadership, even if that Mthwakazi is educated, he will be replaced in a top position by somebody coming from another region. Because the objective is to destroy our people. I?ll give you an example: the city council of Bulawayo at one time was voted as the best run city council in the world. And that time was the time when our city fathers were leading that city council. So if you look at that, a city council being run so well, what about the total government? And if we go back to the structure of ZAPU itself when it was fighting the liberation war, go back to your records again and see how ZAPU was being run. Currently I have produced a book to try and correct some of the wrong notions about ZPRA. Because it was one of the best run liberation movements. We know the strength of our people. We know that they can run that country and we can actually lead in the region there.

AB: You?ve been listening to Diaspora Diaries. My guest tonight has been Edwards Ngwana Maseko who is the National Secretary as well as the Director of International Relations for the Mthwakazi People?s Convention. I?m Alex Bell. Thank you for listening.

Very impressive interview!! It is good to see abafowethu articulating our cause clearly without anger & frustration. I'm very impressed. These people are very capable indeed. For once I have an organisation (my people's organisation) I'm proud of.
To the likes of Dabegwas, Nkomos, Moyos(Tsholotsho) pliz step aside & let young people in iMpisi(MPC) belungise izinto.

I like the way you nickname MPC mfowethu. Impisi I think this is briliant.

Vuuuu umlilo wenkululeko keep the freedom fire burning...Phambili ngeMPISI!

Lets hear more suggestions.
Thanks kakhulu Zwangendaba.

Sikhokhele nsizwa yakithi. Loludaba ludala, lathi sathi sivula mehlo sathola abadala bekhuluma ngalo. Induna enkulu uBaba u Khayisa Ndiweni wayitsho lindaba yacaca. Amazwi omdala ma angaweli phansi.

Unjani mfowethu

Kanti kwehlulani ukuthi uShaya FM asisazakazele izindaba lengxongxo labantu bakithi abaqavile kanye nje loZulu wakithi njengosw
Shaya fm nanzo ingqobe ngakini. Lingeke lenelise yini ukuba lisakaze ku Shortwave lani njenge SW na? Mthwakazi omuhle kumbe ukhona yini ongaphathisa ololwazi leadvice ancedise umsakazo wakithi wenelise ukuqhuba umsebenzi.
This will be a good achievement for our people nxa kungaba leNews eziphuma ku Shaya.

Asihlanganiseni amakhanda bantu bakithi.
I'm really flattered m'fethu but with all due respect this nickname comes from uJazi. In his effort to discredit MPC Jazi actually came up with what I believe is a brilliant nickname. Sounds familiar with what Jonathan Moyo did with MDC tshisa mpama slogan while working for Zanu by asking what the other hand is hiding & hence the now famous MDC red card. Pliz note I'm not suggesting that uJazi is Jonathan Moyo (although from their articles it is often very difficult to tell them apart)
Yebo banakwethu
Im struggling to find out what is flattering here. Unganceda Dingane or anyone else.
ngihlomule kancinyane, actually the term "Impisi" referring to the acronym MPC was not coined by jazi, may be first used by him under this thread, it's a high school term for a dreaded advanced level combination of physical science and mathematics (Math, Physics and Chemistry), MPC impisi.
I will try to explain what I find exciting about the nickname ?iMpisi?. A nickname is all about creating excitement among party followers and foes alike. If I may borrow from soccer, you find that a team like Highlanders has numerous nicknames that generate excitement among players, fans and even haters. Baba Mthwentwe, surely you don?t believe that you can generate the same energy, interest and excitement by cheering the team using the formal name ?Highlanders!? We all know the energy generated by ?Bosso!?, ?Amahlolanyama!?, etc. I may even go on to the now defunct ?Kiona Mazhiya!? but my point is, nicknames do generate energy and excitement among the followers. With a nickname it makes it easy to connect and sell your ideas emphakathini.
Now, back to our subject on what?s exciting or flattering about the nickname ?iMpisi!? Firstly, it comes from the people not the party founders therefore it is likely to resonate with the people no matter how ill-conceived the originators of the nickname were. Since ?iMpisi? ihamba ebusuku it might give the MPC the characteristic of subtlety, nifty, cunning, etc traits that I feel are important political parties ekhaya if they are to survive at all. With traits like these the enemy has no chance! Lastly, ?iMpisi? might take advantage and launch the party at midnight since ?iMpisi? ihamba ebusuku. I?m not crazy baba Mthwentwe, it?s all about marketing and creating excitement! If I may ask, which is the most exciting part of the New Years? celebration? Clearly the answer is New Years? eve. Have you ever asked yourself why game marketers choose to sell new games (grand theft auto and the like) at midnight. Baba Mthwentwe, it?s all about creating excitement! Think of it which more exciting cheering the party using formal name ?Emu-Phi-Si? or the nickname ?iMpisi?. For me the nickname is more appealing and exciting ngingazi ukuthi abanye babona njani.
Mina am dissapointed with Icele leMPC so far! The Word Mthwakazi means something that became big on conseption. MPC has been anything but "Large on conception"! It's evidently still a very young party, which hasn't realisticly taken off. As for the proposed "Large support" from Bulawayo, that is a blatant lie! Iv'e just been down there!
I think I'll place my faith in the ressurging PF ZAPU.

Sibonge njalo labo abasikhuthazayo emzameni wethu wokuthi uMthwakazi ehlukane ngokuthula le Zimbabwe.
Sibonge njalo labo abalandele umbiko we MPC bazo joyina ukuze sizikhulule ebunzimeni esikubo nge Zimbabwe.
Sicele njalo labo asebesazi nge MPC ukuthi bameme abangane lezihlobo ukuze sibambisane size sibe le Support enengi kwelakithi.

Sitholakala ku



Ngwana Edwards Maseko Zwangendaba.
INTERIM Secretary - MPC

Li Zwangendaba.
Zwangendaba mfowethu ngiyabingelela. kungathi ungaphila la ukhona, mina ngisaphila. mfowethu muhle umzamo we MPC sonke esingabakwaMthwakazi ngempela siyawujabulela kakhulu. sifuna ukuphuma ebugqhileni. kodwa nginombuzo mfowethu. ngempela ngempela iMPC icabanga ukuthi amaTshona ngabantu bokuxoxiswana ngokuthula? iMPC ayifuni kuliwe? do you genuinely beleive that this peaceful means will set us free from this slavery? if not so why bother? siyafa siyahlukunyezwa senziwa konke okunosathane phakathi nina nisazilazila. if yes tell us your grounds of belief.

what you guys must know is that siyaphela. we are prepared to do ANYTHING as long as it gives our nation hope. even the ultimate sacrifice.

what is the point of talking with a people who is bent on finishing your nation off? do you think its only mugabe with this intention? i beg to differ. so the idea is when mugabe goes the Tshona will be humane and listen to our waillings and set us free from this slavery. ngiyabonga.
Yebo ke mfowethu ngiyakuzwa. Thank you. This is very different from what you wrote before and still misleading, if the reader was coming from the point of where the name had been used before. Xola thina abanye siyaphuza ukuzwisisa, asizenzi saloywa ngamashona.
I agree with Mnu. Duze talking to the Tshona morons will be ukudlalisa isikhathi. Kodwa uma sifuna ukusuthisa umhlaba wonke kanye labanye bethu lapha singakhuluma labo. Kungehlula kumele kukhale umbhobho kwaMgodoyi. Believe me they will not give-up Mat and Midlands without bloodshed.
Lngane phambili mfo. muhle umqondo wakho. asibanikezeni ithuba labo abathu akuxoxwe kuqala. sibahloniphe futhi sibancedise. kodwa labantu laba. abakuzonda ungenzelutho. phambili mfowethu sibanengi.
Mthwentwe kunjani mfo. mina ngisaphila mfo. kodwa we mfo yini uvumela umuntu ebheda. yini enhle ngimpisi? isela lento elingakwazi ukuzizingelela kodwa libelimenjalo ngokudla amandla abanye. yini nje enhle ngalento engabonakali enduna kwensikazi? ngumbedo nje qha kwaphela. lomfo okhuluma naye akusuyena owaqhamuka nalegama. manje pho kwenzenjani alifuna kangaka.. if iMPC ifuna igama lokuziqhenya ngalo iyolifuna kubalandeli bayo. hayi ezitheni zabo. kucacile lokhu.yona nje impisi akusinyamazana yokuziqhenya ngayo. ukuthi ihamba ebusuku cha nasemini iyahamba lento. kwasikhumba sayo sibi. soMthwentwe yini uvumela umbedo? hayibo suka. back to the roots mfo. iqiniso linjalo akujiki.
Lungane mfowethu kunjani namhlanje. cha mfowethu mina ngisaphila. uyabona mfo sifuna izinsizwa ezifana nawe. uyabona amaTshona ajwayele lamaNdebele lawaya akudala . manje thina siyobafuna labangakhona. lento yokulwa ucasha yisdala leso. thina siyofuna ukufanabo. imini yonke sibazingela. lasibathola khona sifanabo. ngoba thina death is certain. if ungowakwaMthwakazi ungazikhohlisi. one day leGrand Plan iyokuthola nakanjani. uzofa. a miserable cowardly death with no hope. is that what we want majida? i say no. no. if they have to finish my nation then i would rather i take a few with me. i have nothing to lose so why not take a few with me? at least i have the pleasure of choosing. so lo ola duze nami azi uhambile. kanjalo bayothi ma bezwe ukhuluma isNdebele bavele badle phansi. lokho kusho ukuthi bayophuma kwaMthwakazi ngoba sonke sikhuluma limi lunye. or kanjani magents? iskubulali sifanawe. bazi nje ukuthi kukhona amaNdebele azimisele ukufa. then bayosithatha siriyasi. othewise pe pe pe. sophela.
Sabona Duze
Ma umuntu enguMthwakazi ethi Mpc yimpisi mina anginamandla okumvimbela kulokho. Ngicine ngisilwa nabafowethu la esigxingini ngensuku ezidlule. Kukhanya uMthwentwehlaba1 sezenza umakhonya. Undoda lo uthi kathukani njalo ngeso langenhliziyo yakhe yonke uzibona esenza ubuhle, I mean, he is meaning well for Mpc. Now such a one escapes all my resources. I cant spend another day arguing if we should respect or build Mpc. Even zanu knows how to respect robathi mgangi. Lo ngimtshiya ezandleni zenu badala. NGIMTSHIYE NGOKUTHULA LOYA. Ukhuluma phambi kwenu, MA LINGAKUTHANDI AKUTSHOYO LITHULELENI. Kusasa bajika bethi oDuze laboMthwentwe bayacindezela, ba aggressive , bathanda ukulwa abakhi. Khona manje ma uthi yini esizoyikhuluma lezanu, is it that you love fighting? Uyabona? Kungiqeda amandla lokhu ukuthi zitshone zidibene kusibaya sinye.
Sabona Duze ngikufisela impilo ende lapho okhona. We all know mgabe and his people are not going to give-up control of Bulawayo, Matebeleland and Midlands without some serious bloodshed. There is only one thing that tyrants like Hitler and mgabe understand 'impi.'
Lungani Mthwakazi omuhle ngisaphila mfo. kungathi ungaphila nawe la ukhona. mfowethu lento yokuthikuyoxoxwa. kuyoxoxwa nabobani ngempelas. lababantu bangathi befuna ukusiqeda nya singenzangalutho, soyoxoxa nabo. kanti kwesatshwani ngempela. impi seyabalula kabi. baningi kabi abantu abahlukunyezwe yilababantu okungathi if kuthuwa siziphonse phezukwabo singababaningi kabi esizimiseleyo. even amanye amazwe azongenela ngoba lababantu bazondwa ngumhlaba wonke mani.

Uyazizwa yini indaba zeZapu/Zipra koBulawayo namhlanje.Ngizwa izigi lezihlokomo. Inkomo zikaMthwakazi zizekhaya, zivela emasisweni.
zitholakala kuphi kababa. Impilo ende kuwe.

Zitholakala kubasiki belala. Kukhomba ukuthi abakadluli ngakuwe.Bekezela bayeza nakuwe. Bathi bona bathe besika ilala eMzini kaBulawayo bathola uMthwakazi ethukuthele egane unwabu ethi kung'khona ebonayo ngenva kweminyaka engu 28 ukuthi abantu bempumalanga bayamncindezela.Mina ngithi ubulembu buyembuleka kumbe ngumphako ophelele endleleni lelanga lalo latshetsha latshona? Akeze uMthwakazi ekhaya uzafumana i MPC; akukhunyelwana mlotha lendodana yolahleko.
Ngiyabonga noma ngingezwa lokuthi uthini. Kutsho ukuthi kuyafihlwa yini. Yini ukhuluma njengo gwa. Thina abanye sazalelwa eMagwegwe north, isintu esijulile kasisiqondi. Sona yiso esingaqondi thina. Ngizazama umngane wakho UDuze kumbe yena engangichathekela njengoba ungibhampulisa qhawe.
Phumelela, uqhubekele phambili, ukhule uze ukhokhobe.

Thina abanye sazalelwa eMagwegwe north, isintu esijulile kasisiqondi.


Ngabe uvukanjani mhlobo wami. Wothi ke ngisize kancani ngeSintu ngoba mina ngazalelwa ezabelweni ngakhuliswa zingwevu lezingwevukazi zakoMthwakazi.

Isifundo 1

I lala is a special type of reed which is shaped like a blade and ma selivuthiwe ,loma ,it is khakhi in colour.It is and has been used by a lot of Mthwakazians beseluka inhlobonhlobo zezitsha (containers) ezinjenge ngcebethu, ukhomane, izixaxa etc long before the Kango oyaziyo iletha similar zitsha. Njengomtwana wasemakhaya, last December bengisezabelweni sahlaba, bayosa inyama ,sayihonqolozela siyidlela esitsheni selala. Yeyi wena , inyama ingangihlabuseli so. Had it been emganwini we Kango, I dont think the taste would have been the same.

Isifundo 2:

I lala , khona belisetshenziswa nguMthwakazi wonke ,kalitholakali phike yikuphi ko Mthwakazi, kulezindawana elimila khona ezithanda ukuba khatshana labantu, ezinye zakhona zisebutshabi ,ezinye eMaguswini etc.Izolo ke be kulabantu ababizwa ABASIKI BELELA who specilised in going long distances for days and weeks besiyasika ilala kulezozindawana ezisekudeni to supply the communities with this important natural resource.For example, lets say abasiki belala bakhele eZintabeni eMatojeni, and ilala lisikwa koGodlwayo, bebe hlanhlatha ngezinyawo bathi malibatshonela eNqameni bakhuleke emzini bacele ukulala, makudabuka ukusa bavuke bayelala sebeseMatshetsheni baze bayekuwa koGodlwayo becela amalalo.Lapho abaphumulela khona babebabikela ngezindaba ezisegudwini lapho asebedlule khona. The same applies ma sebethwele lelo lala, bahamba bezicupha bazixoxe from Godlwayo back to Matobo lezo zindaba ezisegudwini so that mazingena kumacommunities zibe zisatshisa.
These news could be anything from climate/weather isues,izimanga, politics yezinduna, cases, feuds,ukuwa kwemikhuhlani ethile ebantwini or ezifuyweni and the way others are handling that etc.

Isifundo 3

Abasiki belala were essentially merchants who went about their trade bephandela imndeni yabo through the hospitality kaMthwakazi but they played a very very important journalistic role in the community kaMthwakazi. In this context, they were merchants-cum-journalists as there were no alternative sources of information for umphakathi.

I Conclusion:

KwelikaMthwakazi there was freedom of information as it would flow easily amoungst the people and probably up to amakhosi if iqhakathekile.There was no top-down cencership yezindaba esiyibona eKhaya but the other way round.What could be better than that eMbusweni? Isnt that civilisation?
I am not suggesting that i journalism yeKhaya is in such a rudimentary state but looking at the highly polarised news media ekhona le propaganda from both sides one would probably easily find solace in ABASIKI BELALA news.

I Recommendation:

All the reasons zokuthi sizibuse ko Mthwakazi ukuze sikwazi ukufaka amatitsha 'eMagwegwe North Primary School' abazokwazi ukufundisa izizukulwani zethu ukuthi ilala liyini, lisebenzani njalo isitsho esithi 'indaba ngiyithole kubasiki belala' sivelaphi.

Ngiyabonga Mthwe kakhulu ukuthi unginikeze ithuba lokuchaza ukuthi i journalist the Mthwakazi way yini. Kuthe kusakhiwa iMagwegwe North bengiyikhangele ngamehlo ami la, iganga lakhona ngilikhumbula ngiquma ngezinyawo ngisiya ePhumula from Luveve. Intolwane ,izihaqa lomganu sasikuxoza khona lapho.Zangena izindlu zangakini saphelelwa.Ngalesosikhathi ilala beselitholakala eMkambo e Makhokhoba.

Uboke ungikhumbuze ngelala ngenye imini ke ngikuxoxele nge incident ethile: ukuthi sake sagqiziswa ilala isikolo sonke. I mean every pupil Mthwe! Imagine every pupil e 'Magwegwe North Primary School' begqize ilala, uzobona ikuthi ilala liqhakatheke kangakanani koMthwakazi.

Ungabe wawungomunye wezinsizwa zako Nyaguze area ezazitshontsha ama wire izindlu zisakhiwa eNorth? kumbe ezazivelela koChigumira ezazitshontsha amabulbs? Kumbe ezemakhosi ezathatha ifrido lethu ngodli? Singakayi phambli ndoda akungitshele?
Uphila njani kodwa? Yinindaba isindebele sakho zizwakala kamnandi njengengwevu zempc? Sike samenywa emhlanganweni thina esingamalunga, bekunmnadi kabi mntakababa. Angivunyelwa ukuthi ngikuchathekele bekukhulunywa ngani, benginga kuthi inzwisa mbijana. Sikhulume naye umlisa okhokhela lenhlanganiso. Besingabizwa langezibongo langa leliya mfowethu, bekuthiwa "bantwana benkosi Umzilikazi, Kuyahlonitshwana laphaya, aah ndoda. Kuyabuzwana, libona njani lokhu lalokhuya, lina lithini, uzibani yena ubona njani. Okwakathesi zisahlela kanje lanje ngoba kanje lanje. Ukhona ongasuthisekiyo noma olombuzo? Mina ngazithanda ingwevu leziya, noma kuthiwa ngamagwala I rather be one of them. Ibravery engiyibona la enkundleni iyesabisa. This minute IMPC zimpisi, the next minute ngamagwala and the other time it is our party. What hypocricy is that? Like I said before even a dog knows its owner. but what is this that people despise their own. Taking time to write and belittle the thing which they say is their only hope, yini abantu bengabhali bethuke izanu. This freedom of speech, does it mean vulgar language is ok?
Kodwa wena ngokwakho qhubeka ngoba wenza kahle. Lala ngingavumelani lawe khona I do sense you mean well. Akulunganga ukuthi abantu bethi discredit umsebenzi wabanye. Its ok not to agree if one is not agreeable but its not ok to put other people s labour to shame.
Kwakutheni kanje kugqokwa ilala ezikolweni, kwakufanele kuvikele emkhuhlaneni muni JJ , ngikhumbuza ndoda. Kwakungumkhuhlane noma hatshi, but I remember it was a negative thing anyway.
Okwakathesi zisahlela kanje lanje ngoba kanje lanje. Ukhona ongasuthisekiyo noma olombuzo? Mina ngazithanda ingwevu leziya, noma kuthiwa ngamagwala I rather be one of them. Ibravery engiyibona la enkundleni iyesabisa. This minute IMPC zimpisi, the next minute ngamagwala and the other time it is our party. What hypocricy is that? Like I said before even a dog knows its owner. but what is this that people despise their own. Taking time to write and belittle the thing which they say is their only hope, yini abantu bengabhali bethuke izanu. This freedom of speech, does it mean vulgar language is ok?

Being a member of MPC does not mean that you are more special or more important for the struggle and liberation of uMthwakazi than everyone else. I do respect those who have joined the organisation, but it is folly to force people not to criticise the MPC just they are not members, this shows a level of political immaturity tatamount to ignorance coated with intolerance which usually leads to dictatorship. Is this what we desire for uMthwakazi?
How will criticising ZANU PF build and strengthen the MPC? There is no need for that, we need to deal with our selves, with our own. Noone can tell me that i do not love MPC or what it stands for just because i criticise it, nobody can tell me that he or she loves the MPC more than i do just because they are its members. Mr Mthwentwehlaba the MPC did not start two years back, it started around year 2003 or before that, it was known as MTHWAKAZI by then, it then morphosised to MPC two or so years back. People did not criticise the MPC from its inception, as far as i know most people praised and encouraged it by then with a view that with time it was going to translate into a formidable organisation, now five or so years down the line the MPC is not different to MTHWAKAZI party or from its inception. You can call us names or even label us CIOs, i don't care, i will continue criticising the MPC, i will use the langauge i feel like using at the time. If vulgar language will push them into action then i will resort to it day in and day out. I will join the MPC at the time of my choosing, i use my tailor-made benchmark or measure, by the time the MPC passes that test i will need noone to tell me or persuade me to join it. My advise to those who purpote to be members of the MPC, i think you could learn a lot from politically mature individuals like Sibambamakhuba(i suspect his other name is Sibambamahawu) , Toots, Mark, Wisdom, Chief Gampu Sithole, Ndiyamavela, Matebele Ant, etc of newzimproboards. These guys have hold the fort, and popularised the MPC and its ideology. Enough respect to these guys.
wethu ngiyakubingelela. kunjani mfo. mina ngisaphila. empeleni mfowethu ulungile ukuthi ubuze futhi ugxeke lokho okubona kungekuhle kuMPC. awunaphutha kulokho. isizwe sakithi sivele siyakudinga ukuthi kubenabanye ababuza imibuzo enzima. kuhle lokho. kodwa la othi khona uyosebenzisa noma yinhlamba as long as iyobavusa, cha, mina personally ngingathi akulunganga.

unamaphuzu othi wena mahle. pho if emahle kungani kukhona abangawathandisisiyo? into enhle ayinanhlamba. after reading your posting unepoint uma uthi kudala ikhona iMPC kodwa akuveli muntu abonakale atsho ukuthi ngila. thats true. we want progress sonke hayi abantu abzodlala ngathi. liqiniso lelo.

mina my point is , le MPC iyasidinga siyisimamise, siyakhe thina. singafuni ukwenzelwa. lokhu singakwenza ngokuyijoyina. your stand is very clear Mthakathi. it is justified. kodwa do we know why there is no progress in MPC???? do they charge for joining members? if not so what is stoping people from joining? phela this is no religion where you cant leave. if you dont like it you can leave. but if we want to know whats up then we need to be in.
Mina am not special ngitsho. my post does not sugest that either.
Haha, MTHWE kanti lawe waligqiza ilala, hawu mina ngithi yimi ngedwa, bengicabanga ukuthi uzothi ngiliqaba ,ngangizaze ngigqize ilala for disease prevention kwakutheni. Sibambe lunye Mthwakazi wase North. Wona amafredo sasikuthathela okungabafana; Tshaka,Magwegwe North, wena! Mawaluza ifredo yakho ebonvu, manje sungeza sikhulume kahle njengamajaha, ngikuhlawule ngoba ngangispeshalayza ngayi red only.Ike yasiphilisa iNorth, ngikhumbula not solong ago sisiyangcwebeleka koSiliva. Sake saphila kulesosixhokolo.Ayimani Mthwe ;uduba ngokungenza digress, bona ukuthi umnxeba uphi wena usungidonsisa kwezamalala lakwezasekasi. Asibuyele kuthread mfo.

Kanti kwehlulani ukuthi uShayaFM asisazakazele izindaba lengxongxo labantu bakithi abaqavile kanye nje loZulu wakithi njengosw

Hayi ke siyayibonga iShayaFM ukusilethela u Zwangendaba izolo. Kaqhubeke njalo esilethela abanye abakaMthwakazi sifundisaneni ngokunengi
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