Posted By: hloniphani02 Zanu pf Cowards - 12/26/08 01:27 PM
Is one that lives with stress daily as I cannot understand why the entire Zanu-pf leadership has stood by watching a mad man run amok? Are there any men in that organisation , I doubt it I see women in Joyce mujuru which is okay but when her husband becomes a woman too and the entire leadership follows suit I have a problem . Are there any men in the sadc region except for Khama Odinga and Bishop Tutu , they are none , All these Sadc leaders from Mbeki to all are women to me that are in their night dresses waiting to jump into Mugabe's bed and allow man kind to be politically raped by an ape called Mugabe .

Where have you seen anybody so heartless who arrest a lady and denies he knows here whereabouts? Where are the men in Zanu pf what are you waiting for, for the roof to fall on to your heads for you to realise that you have a man stinking and has faeces in his pants. Why is your leader afraid to give one of yours an opportunity to rule? Do you people in zanu-pf understand the monkey you seating with , Zimbabwe is a country that is for all that leave in it black or otherwise , yet Mugabe continues to say Zimbabwe is his and you stand and say Gushungo what the icansi is Gushungo . You are a shame as an entity from the monkey on top of the tree right to those that are on the branches as zanu-pf.

As for the half a man that mnangagwa is you are going to pay with your dear life very soon. Do you think what happened to chitepo can not happen to you? You have seen the light but you keep swimming with the crocodiles what you are waiting for; you will meet with an accident soon and will not survive. Zanu pf Zapu and all these other political parties unite and kick this mad man out.

We do not need another banda why. Zanu -pf you sit day in day out and listen to a mad man saying America this Britain that, is there no better things to talk about . As for Skhanyiso uhlanyiswa yikuthi uthengise abakini you deserve to go to a mental institute you are the worst thing our country has given birth to ulimbuka nenja engenamsila ingcono kakhulu . How on earth does Mme Mukoko supposed to overthrow a government, let?s be honest, only a mad man would sit and think of such?
Sabina and Grace I know you have children of you own , how do you go to sleep each day knowing that Robert the only one you spend time with Killed up three hundred thousand people in Mat North and Midlands . Do not pretend you do not see the killer that he is. He has authorised rape killings inflation and brought the country down and you still say pamberi ne zanu, what is pamberi nezanu that you raise your fist for. Botswana, South Africa and the rest of is keeping our population yet there is no war in zim. African leaders are sending missions to go find out what is wrong what for Mr Monthlante . You know all what you should know about this man eating ape yet you still think that he will change, The current president of the state has defied logic by coming to the rescue of Mugabe, my Question why do you do that, you will be judged by the decisions you take and despite that they claim you have an IQ of 125 like Mugabe who has countless degrees you will end up classed as clever fool as well. If the SA constitution protects women and children so jealously what makes Jestin mukoko and the rest of our people being murdered half people. People are people and so are all these people called Zimbabweans they are people. Anyone that ever gave birth to a soul should be thinking of putting and end to this enough is enough. To Robert Mugabe Mr president and the entire people in the Zanu pf party To President Montlante seeing that you have blocked the world from getting tough with Mugabe please note that we know you are fathers in your families , it is not fair for us as the citizens of the continent to see such needless suffering of people , I do not think that if roles where changed you would want your own blood to disappear into a police cell and then the same police say they have never known that person or seen her . It would be very wrong in south Africa for someone to go through into this holiday thinking he has been betrayed by people he voted into power , why is it so wrong for Zimbabweans to express the same view . Mr Mothlante as you get to your door step on the 25th and when you children ran and hugged you and said we love you dad and we missed you, just across the body a soul was departing and the whole family was burying their loved ones and they were saying we going to struggle now that you gone, This is innocent blood it should not be extended into your otherwise clean hands by Robert Mugabe. Somehow I beginning to think that if COPE was in power Robert would not last a day because they hold a different view to yours. Just to put it plain A Unity GOV will not work in Zim and as for South Africa the best you can do let the world deal with this issue it?s no longer a regional issue any more.I cannot forgive for sending women to chikurubi , ZANU-PF you are bunch of cowards that kill rape , The world is not stupid your generals will soon stand trial when you are beheaded like a beast tshabi elinamathumbu aluhlaza .
Posted By: lungani Re: Zanu pf Cowards - 01/04/09 03:10 AM
Hloniphani, am disappointed in you my brother. For you to expect Tshonas to do anything about uMgaxa is to expect too much from those morons. Kuyinto enhle uma ebulala abakibo. Njengo mama lo owanyamalalayo uma engowe mpumalanga, akungikhathazi mina lokho. Angitsho yibo abamkhethayo.
Posted By: duze Re: Zanu pf Cowards - 01/04/09 05:13 PM
Hlonipha mfowethu kunjani. phila mina ngisaphila. lento oyikhulumayo mfo ngamadoda esitshoneni sonke sizibuza lowo mbuzo. aphi ngempela amadoda alesiyasizwe nanku isizwe sakubo siphela?
listen to this kind of thought.the history of Africa. before the white colonialist came to Africa there were borders but not these current ones. there were nations with their kings and queens. then came the white men who changed everthing for his own benefit. not for the African, no. we had to fight to overcome this evil white deed.

our people had to get training. where did they train??? how did they train??? did their training master really train them to fight to overcome the enemy only or did they brainwash them?? how come all the African who were trained to lead Africa during the struggle have one thing in common,phecelezi, they think of the African populatio as their own property. bonke from gadafi ,kamuzu bhanda ,keneth kaunda , yoweri musebeni bonke. what makes them think they the only ones who were born to rule. is it to do with their training? the lot of them have been in power since indipendence 40 years ago. half a century ago.

if u look at the so called African leaders dont u notice a strange way of thinking? some of their decisions a mind boggling. but they side with one another. sadcc. who is sadcc?

these so called liberation leaders a nothing but a bunch of brainwashed sychos. today Africa is what it is because we are led by people who have been cooked upstairs. why do people expect thabo mugabe to produce a true outcome. he has been trained by the same people who trained his mate mugabe. they think alike.

they have been brainwashed to think the war with the west is still ragging. they have been brainwashed into beleiving they are the only ones who can rule. just take a look at the amounts they use buying arms. no roads no sanitation no schools but why buy so much weapons? brainwashed sychos. but the question is where a the tshona men.
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