String theory and other new proposals require more than three space dimensions. These extra dimensions could be very small, which is why we don't see them.

How can there be extra, smaller dimensions?
Think about an acrobat and a flea on a tight rope. The acrobat can move forward and backward along the rope. But the flea can move forward and backward as well as side to side. If the flea keeps walking to one side, it goes around the rope and winds up where it started. So the acrobat has one dimension, and the flea has two dimensions, but one of these dimensions is a small closed loop.

So the acrobat cannot detect any more than the one dimension of the rope, just as we can only see the world in three dimensions, even though it might well have many more. This is impossible to visualize, precisely because we can only visualize things in three dimensions!

I copied this extract from a Chemistry Physics website dealing with current state of Theory of particles. As it turns out these scientists are concluding that reality does include more than what the eye can see.

Well growing up emaguswini anyone from ekhaya would be a fool to denounce that we in Africa have ever lived with interaction with the spiritual real or dimension. Yes it comes down to the fact that there exists entities of beings beyond flesh and bone and the outside world we see.

It is imperative that all humans study and actually interact with this realm as we all know everyone who ever lived eventually leaves this dimension to join this dimension we cannot see.

Surely we can all conclude as Africans we dont need physisists to calculate and tell us the activity of spiritual forces. Of more occurance the pentecostals are awash with spiritual activity of course i have my own aprehensions as to what type of spirit that is but can we safely conclude that Spirits do indeed exist and we are in continuos interaction with them.

What are your thoughts on this.